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Defence Technology Manufacturing: A Golden Goose?

Could India's next manufacturing juggernaut come from defence? With the government aiming to source 75% of equipment domestically, billions are flowing into defence startups with unique tech knowledge. This article dives into the winners (and potential losers), reveals the lucrative export market, and explains how visionary investors can profit from this once-in-a-generation shift.


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The next generation of big Indian companies may not come from e-commerce or software, but from the nation's $700 billion (projected by 2047) defence boom. As India pushes for self-reliance and targets global markets, a new breed of IP-focused defence innovators are set to rewrite the rules. 

A Massive Potential Driven by Big Investments

According to Baba Kalyani of Bharat Forge, India's defence spend may grow ten times by 2047, possibly creating the country's next big firms

Fueling this shift is the Ministry of Defence's massive $17 billion investment in capital acquisition for 2024-25. With 75% reserved for local companies, the goal is to boost domestic defence industries.

The Prize – Unique Tech Know-How and Future-Ready Abilities 

The winners won't just be traditional public suppliers. The real rewards will go to those owning proprietary tech expertise, specialised parts, and future-ready abilities. 

The biggest prizes lie in emerging fields like aerospace electronics, autonomous systems, cybersecurity, sensors, and AI/ML apps – areas where owning technical knowledge rules. 

Early Innovators Taking the Lead 

  • Drone maker IdeaForge's unique tech knowledge has captured 50% domestic share and $20 million yearly profits.
  • Sensor firm Tonbo Imaging's cutting-edge tech knowledge portfolio in imaging and optics drew $18 million investment at over $50 million valuation.
  • Unmanned solutions provider Sagar Defence wins multi-million deals using indigenous unmanned vehicle tech knowledge.

Spotting Opportunities

For investors in this battlefield, discerning true tech knowledge pioneers from those who are flashy is crucial. 

Listed giants like BEL and HAL are fortifying tech knowledge strongholds across radars, sensors, and communication systems, while bold upstarts like NewSpace break into next-gen areas like unmanned swarms and VR training simulations.

For investors scouting this battlefield, here are key criteria for evaluating defence startups:

Decoding The Defence Tech Opportunity In India by Inc42

The Global Effect

The reason why this defence-tech wave can create generational wealth is because of the potential for lucrative export markets. As Indian offerings mature, the world is the hunting ground. 

India pushes to make 75% of its defence equipment domestically by 2024 (up from 54% in 2019) thanks to the Make in India initiative. Arms exports surged 8x in just 5 years to $1.6 billion, with $5 billion yearly target by 2025 – just the start. 

Indian technology expertise can meet the defence needs of several regions, including Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe's post-Ukraine re-armament drive. These regions are experiencing tensions and are looking for robust defence solutions.

Bridging the Funding Gap

For early innovators, bridging long 5-6 year procurement cycles needs tapping private capital to overcome cash crunches. 

However, most VC funds lack the mandate or lifespan to back such long-term plays. 

So patient family investors and high net worth individuals willing to make long conviction bets become crucial allies for defence startups.

The Ripe Time

India's defence manufacturing is at an inflection point, driven by big investments and the need for tech self-reliance. 

Opportunities exist for founders and investors to create leading companies by owning unique tech knowledge and selling globally. But clearing regulatory hurdles, building strong capabilities, and balancing profits with ethical factors will separate long-term winners from others. 

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